Welcome to Gas Eatery, supplies
& finger food catering

In the words of Mick Jagger… it's a gas, gas, gas. The quirkiness, originality and hard driving energy of the Rolling Stones was part of the inspiration for the three Maskiell sisters creating Gas Eatery, Supplies & Catering.

Gas Catering is famous for 'ready to serve' finger food platters. It's party food with style featuring some of the most innovative and special finger food available in Melbourne.

Gas Eatery has won praise and recommendations from the food media both for imaginative breakfasts and its exciting array of small eats, salads and other delights influenced by the exotic tastes and flavours of Southern Europe, Spain and the Middle East.

Mixing and matching flavours is a favourite indulgence for lunch or a shared meal at anytime throughout the day. A selection of local and imported wines have been hand picked to complement the food.

For impromptu picnics, bike rides, getaways and instant party food there are many ready to eat items that can be taken away. Food Boxes can also be pre-ordered for seminars, outdoor activities, concerts and events.

Gas Supplies has an exceptional selection of oven ready meals to take-home and enjoy. Only metres from the iconic South Melbourne Market and less than 3 kilometers from the CBD. Gas has seating for up to 60 inside and out in a beautiful tree-lined setting.